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Xiamen Xinsanxin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd offers top-notch Sheet Metal Fabrication Services. We specialize in aluminum material, ensuring durability and lightweight performance for various applications.

Product Parameters

Item name  OEM  Stainless steel stamping parts sheet metal bending parts 
material  brass, steel , aluminum ,stainless steel , copper
surface treatment glavanized, chrome plated, anodizing 
Production process Metal stamping, laser cutting, machining, deep drawing, sheet-metal working, die casting, welding, bending, punching, milling, plastic injection,etc
size  as customers’ drawing 
usage  auto , machinery
type  Stamping Hardware Part
color silver, brass 

Product Advantages

  • Our OEM ODM Service allows you to customize your sheet metal products. Tailor designs to meet your specific requirements and enhance your brand’s uniqueness.
  • We utilize an advanced Metal stamping production process for precision and efficiency. This ensures high-quality results and quick turnaround times for your projects.
  • Choose a custom size to fit your specific needs. Our flexible production capabilities allow us to cater to diverse project specifications.
  • Our glavanized Surface Treatment provides excellent corrosion resistance. This treatment ensures longevity and durability in harsh environments.
  • Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Services are widely used in construction and industry applications. We provide solutions that meet the demands of various sectors.
  • We offer products in silver and brass colors for aesthetic versatility.

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