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Customized Sheet Metal Stamping Stainless Steel Service

Customized Sheet Metal Stamping Stainless Steel

Xiamen Xinsanxin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd introduces our high quality and high precision customized sheet metal stamping services. We utilize high-quality stainless steel material to ensure strength and durability.

Products Description
 Product name
Custom Metal Stainless Steel Aluminum Components Parts Stamping Bending Welding Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Fabrication
Stainless Steel,Aluminum,SPCC,SGCC,SECC
Anodizing (You can also choose Polishing, Coating,  electroplating, Nickel, Chrome Plating, etc.)
Processing machine

AMADA Hydraulic Press Brake

HDS-8025NT and HM1003
 Products Description

  1. Our customized high quality and precision product includes a Customize ODM OEM service. We meet your specific requirements and exceed your expectations with tailored solutions.
  2. Our production process uses the AMADA Hydraulic Press Brake. This advanced machinery ensures precise and efficient stamping for superior quality parts.
  3. Choose from silver or custom color options for your sheet metal parts. We cater to your aesthetic preferences, ensuring the perfect match for your needs.
  4. We offer various surface treatments, including galvanized, polished, anodizing, or customized finishes. Enhance your parts’ appearance and durability with our expert treatments.
  5. With our customized high quality and precision product, we deliver reliable and top-quality products. Trust us to provide solutions that meet and surpass industry standards.

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